We have some exciting news to share… we are rebranding!

“NY Stands Up” will soon be “Make Americans Free Again-NY” or “MAFA-NY.” We are very excited about this change as all MAFA State Chapters are doing the same, and we will now be clearly identified as a cohesive and unified national organization. Our new website will be coming soon.  Until then, you can continue to find us at nystandsup.com.

On the legal front, our attorney, Patti Finn, filed the cross motion for our masking case. You can read the motion HERE.  A hearing is scheduled for October 7th, so stay tuned for information on the outcome.

In the meantime, check out the latest “Good Health Lawyer Radio Hour.” Patti interviews Attorney Jeff Childers, the Florida attorney who was granted a temporary injunction against vaccine mandates for Gainesville City employees. You’ll also get some insights into the legal process and strategy, as well as a brief update from Patti on our case. Click HERE to watch.

For those of you dealing with employers who are mandating jabs, Pam Popper has drafted a letter for anyone to use. As she points out, there are limited options with employer mandates, but this is one way some have had success in at least slowing the process down. Click HERE to read and feel free to share!

We also encourage you to refer any healthcare workers you know to the MAFA website for info on our Healthcare Professional Initiative and to participate in one of Pam’s conference calls for healthcare workers on Monday nights. Pam will be offering help and support to those looking to transition into alternative practices outside of the large healthcare conglomerates.

Finally, you don’t want to miss this! MAFA’s lead attorney, Tom Renz, delivered a riveting presentation at Clay Clark’s event last weekend that everyone should watch. During this short lecture, Tom discloses the information recently received from a government whistleblower who has access to the CMS database for Medicare. The information from this person covers outcomes from both COVID treatments and vaccines and should shock all of us! Click HERE to watch.